Raymond Fong (馮雋瑋) is a Growth Marketer in Seattle, WA. He obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer engineering from Harvey Mudd College and University of Southern California but found his passion in marketing and business development.

In 2008 Raymond founded a marketing education company and has trained and coached tens of thousands of business owners around the world. He has spoken at and hosted many live seminars, events, and workshops that drew audiences of upwards of 1,000+ entrepreneurs.

Today, Raymond dedicates his time and energy consulting with passionate business owners (in both the traditional and startup worlds) focused on helping them obtain accelerated growth through “Growth Hacking” methods.

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Gear Brain
Deviate Labs


Deviate Labs is a growth hacking consulting agency whose goal is to help businesses achieve accelerated growth through both traditional and creative marketing means.

Our clients range from venture-backed startups to brick-and-mortar traditional businesses. The common thread that ties our clients together is the desire for cost-efficient growth. What ties our service together is a growth framework we call Automated Sales Process™ (ASP™). Because we work with a variety of different companies, we bring an incredibly well-rounded and creative approach to each client we take on.

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Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley's Best Kept Secret


In the Spring of 2017, Raymond published a book, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret,” with co-author, Chad Riddersen.

This book introduces a framework for growth, the “Automated Sales Process™ (ASP™),” that has previously only been used in high-growth startup environments. The ASP™ gives any business owner the opportunity to massively accelerate the growth of his/her business using Silicon Valley style tactics. It is the foundational and official language of growth hacking.

The book is geared for both traditional and startup style business owners as the concepts explored apply to both. You can grab a copy of our book on Amazon because you know you want to.

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Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley's Best Kept Secret



馮雋瑋,查德·里得森,兩位都是網路營銷領域公認的專家,指導和培訓了世界各地成千上萬的企業主,共同創立了增長黑客咨詢機構,即Deviate Labs,致力於增長顧問工作。

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Roofer Engine


Roofer Elite leverages the innovative concept of Growth Hacking to custom-build your very own lead generation system. This system works to get you highly-qualified leads in real time and because this system is yours and yours alone – the leads generated are also exclusively yours.

Roofer Elite works with professional licensed roofing contractors across the United States and beyond. Our clients are reputable roofing contractors with a demonstrated track record of serving homeowners with integrity while providing top-notch craftsmanship.

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Roofer Engine